Scholarship Opportunity for Palo Alto High School Seniors

Fred M Yamamoto Scholarship       

For 2018, Ricardo Lombera has won the Fred Yamamoto scholarship. Pictured left to right are Steven D. Lee, Human Relations Commissioner of Palo Alto, Sara Armstrong (Advocate for Fred Yamamoto during the school renaming initiative), student Ricardo Lombera, and Mark Okuda (Fred Yamamoto’s nephew).  Ricardo and Mark hold Fred’s memorial flag and his service awards.  Congratulations to Ricardo!

Application Deadline Date: Please check back in early 2019 for dates and deadlines. Applications for 2018 have closed.

Click here to download the application form.  Contact information is included on the form. This website is unable to answer questions about this scholarship.


To recognize and honor a student who has demonstrated civic leadership, inclusion and service reminiscent of Fred Yamamoto’s spirit. Fred’s education was cut short as a result of family obligations and lack of funds. He loved learning and was an avid reader, eager to stay abreast of world, national, and local events. He loved America and the opportunities it promised, and was willing to work for a better future, if not for himself, for the generations to come. We seek to honor Fred and keep his memory alive by presenting a scholarship to a deserving student who exemplifies Fred’s willingness to face hardships and adversity with a positive proactive attitude, who inspires others by stepping up to help others less able, who seeks to inform and seek understanding, who stands up for fair play and equality.

Amount (2017-2018 School Year)

$4420 – This amount was determined as symbolic of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, a segregated unit comprised of Americans of Japanese ancestry from Hawaii and those citizens incarcerated in camps on the mainland. Fred was among the first to volunteer to enlist, not a popular decision when you and your family are prisoners of war behind barbed wire. But it was a stand he never regretted. Although faced with the perils of combat, Fred continued to urge others to keep faith: “Prejudice is something that can’t be wiped out overnight. Nor will it be ever completely done away with. But coming in contact with fellow soldiers from all parts of the U.S. is certainly going to help soften up the “home front” when we go back home again.” Fred fought and died as a member of the 442 in France at the age of 26, during the legendary heroic rescue of the Texas “Lost Battalion.”

Recipient Selection Criteria

Recipient of scholarship monies from this fund will be a high school graduating senior who has demonstrated civic leadership and the spirit of inclusion and service that Fred exemplified. We ask that the following criteria be used in the selection of an award recipient:

  • Highly self-motivated achieving student (unweighted 3.0 gpa or above) who rises to a challenge, in and outside of the classroom;
  • Student who shows leadership, enthusiasm, and the willingness to be a team player;
  • Meets low-income guidelines or has extenuating family circumstances;
  • Participates in service-related community or school involvement (i.e. tutoring, mentoring, volunteer work);
  • Socially conscious — Pursuit of inclusion (consciously includes others and seeks to understand different points of view before making judgments).

Everything being equal in the selection process, we prefer the student be from a historically underrepresented group and a first-generation college-bound student. This scholarship is presented by the Yamamoto Family.